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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need any dancing experience to join a class?
You can join a general class with or without previous dance experience.

Do I need special shoes?
Not initially. You should wear a shoe that is sturdy, comfortable and will not be slippery on a wooden floor. As your dancing progresses, specialized dance shoes will be beneficial to your dancing.

What should I wear?
Neat casual, which is comfortable and will not restrict your movement.

Do I need a partner to attend dance classes?
No. You can come along with or without a partner, many people come along without a partner and dance with others in the class.

My partner and I would like to learn to dance but we only want to dance with each other, is this alright?
Yes. Dancing is a social activity but can also be intimate and many people wish to learn as a couple. Private lessons can also be arranged if a couple have specific dance requirements.

What is a private Lesson?
A private lesson is exclusive tuition for the person or couple for whom the lesson is arranged.

Do I need to be physically fit to dance?
No. You'll be started at a pace you can manage and work up from there.

Will dancing help my fitness?
Yes. Many people are surprised how aerobic dancing can be and just how effective dancing is in improving fitness levels.