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What's involved with medal classes?
General Information

Medal classes involve thorough learning of dance routines in a particular style of dance.
Students will be assessed before moving up to the next level of learning.

There are seven medal levels in each style of dance, starting with Bronze, Bronze Bar, Silver, Silver Bar, Gold, Gold Bar and finally the Highest Award.
The three dance styles in Ballroom dancing are Latin American, New Vogue and Modern Ballroom.

The dances for bronze level are:

Do you need to be good at dancing to join a medal class?
No, the medal classes make you good at dancing. A general class does just as the name implies, it gives you a general idea and a mix of dances. The medal classes separate each style of dance and expand your learning into areas such as the use of your arms, hip movement, correct heals and toes and making better use of your body and balance.

Do I need to commit to regular lessons with a medal class?
Yes, to enable consistent learning throughout the group all students will need to attend weekly lessons.

When are medal classes held?
Medal classes follow the school terms and are normally held around the general class time, enabling you to learn your medal routines then enjoy the social interaction and wide variety of dances offered in the general class.

Latin American Bronze
4:00pm Friday Yarra Glen

Latin American Bronze
7:30pm Friday Yarra Glen