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The Dances
The dances
Modern Ballroom

The more traditional of dance styles, Modern Ballroom holds appeal to both young and older dancers, it is danced socially and competitively. The Modern Ballroom dances consist of:

Latin American

Possibly the most popular dance style. Latin dances generally have sensual hip movements, can be danced on a compact part of the floor giving sole attention to your partner or choreographed to be flamboyant and cover the whole dance floor. Latin dances are a great form of exercise for the lower back, tummy and thigh muscles.
The Latin American dances consist of:

New Vogue

New Vogue dances are sequence dances where all couples perform the same actions at the same time, making New Vogue relatively easy to learn, as the beginner can easily follow the steps of other dancers on the floor. The New Vogue style originates back to the 1930s when some Australian dancers rebelling against the formal footwork of English Old Time dances started choreographing their own sequence dances. New Vogue dances have many different holds, positions and actions, making the routines interesting to dance and attractive to watch. New Vogue dances you can learn with us: many of these dances are used in Australian Dance Sport competitions

Street Latin:

The Street Latin dances consist of the And a number of other dances from the Caribbean and South America.
Street Latin allows a fluid movement between partners, with more emphasis is on the hip movements rather on the steps themselves.

Progressive dances

Progressive dances are a form of sequence dance, danced in a circle where partners are changed at the completion of each cycle of the dance. Progressive dances are a great way of meeting other people but you're not with them long before you move on again.

Line/Shadow dance

Danced in a line, group or solo, all dancers on the floor follow the same sequence of steps and body actions, at the end of the routine the sequence is repeated. Line dances help develop co-ordination of mind and body actions in time to music in a fun highly energetic manner. These are just some of the many dances which come under this umbrella